FAQ/Help Center



  1. What makes ShineFund different from other crowdfunding websites?

    ShineFund uses a portion of the crowdfunding fees collected from crowdfunding campaigns and puts them into the Grant Fund. This continues the circle of giving that starts with you. Members can then set up a grant funding campaign and apply to receive money from the Grant Fund which will then be voted on by you – our ShineFund community members.

  2. How do I use ShineFund to raise money online?

    All you have to do is sign up for an account, create your crowdfunding campaign, share the link to your crowdfunding campaign with your network of people, and collect donations.

  3. What can I raise money for?

    You can raise money for anything you think your family, friends, and personal contacts would be willing to support. You can raise money to meet personal needs, fund your dreams, your education, start a business, or support a cause. The sky truly is the limit so long as what you are raising money for is legal.

  4. Is there a limit to how much money I can raise?

    No! You can raise as much money as you want. You can even surpass the goal you originally set at the beginning of your crowdfunding campaign.

  5. How do I accept online donations with ShineFund?

    Accepting donations online through your crowdfunding campaign page is easy because it is all built into our crowdfunding platform. Donations are accepted right on your campaign page. Your visitors simply use their debit card, credit card, or an ACH bank transfer to make their donation. 

  6. Do my donors need to have a ShineFund account in order to donate?

    No. All your donors need to do is visit your campaign page and use their debit card, credit card, or ACH bank transfer to donate. 

  7. What countries and currencies are supported?

    You can accept donations for all over the world from anyone with a credit or debit card; however, we are only currently supporting US-based crowdfunding campaigns.

  8. When do I get the money raised by my campaign?

    Donations received from your donors go into your WePay account immediately. You customize how frequently you want money to transfer to your bank account from your own WePay account. Login in to your WePay account to see your account balance and to set-up bank transfers.

  9. What fees will ShineFund charge me?

    ShineFund charges a 5.0% fee from each donation you receive. This fee is automatically deducted from the funds you receive when the donations are made. This is a separate fee from the standard merchant fees, which are fees that are charged by outside vendors for processing the credit/debit cards or ACH transactions for each donation your campaign receives. For more information on fees click here.

    Your donors are not charged any fees.

  10. How and when do I get my money?

    Your monies are transferred directly from WePay to your bank account. When you set up your WePay account you can specify how often you want transfers to go into your account. You do not have to wait for your campaign to end to start receiving the monies you have raised.

  11. How are the payments processed?

    Payments are securely processed through WePay. Click here to go to WePay's website.

  12. What about taxes?

    Each campaign is different and raising money for different reasons. We recommend you speak with your tax professional to find out what tax implications may apply to your situation.

    Donations made to legally registered nonprofits or charities may be eligible for tax deductions; again, it is best to speak to your tax professional for advice.

  13. How will I know when people donate to my campaign?

    You will receive an automated email each time somebody donates to your campaign. When you receive these emails you will also see your account balance increase toward your goal on your campaign page.

  14. How do I know if a campaign is safe to donate to?

    In terms of the online security of your payments, all payments are processed securely using industry standard Secure Socket Layer encryption, or SSL.

    In terms of the campaign it is a good rule of thumb to donate to people, companies, and non-profits that you are personally familiar with, know, and trust. If you are unsure, do your research, and if still in doubt, don’t donate. ShineFund does what it can to make sure all the campaigns are legit; however, we also rely on your help in doing that. If a campaign seems suspicious please report it to us immediately using the report campaign button located at the bottom of each campaign page.

  15. Can I raise money on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter?

    Absolutely! This is a great way to generate traffic to your campaign page. The more you and your network share the higher your donations are likely to be. This is a great way to get the word out and have lots of people sharing it to attract more donors.