Calla's Legal Expenses To Escape DV

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This is a difficult story for me to share.

In June, I fled Hawaii with my three-year-old daughter to escape domestic violence. For six years I had been experiencing abuse that I explained away, and even internalized as my own fault despite the opinion of counselors that I was in an unsafe situation. For all these years I thought it was just me, so in May, when my daughter clearly shared with me heartbreaking stories of her own experiences of abuse, too personal to post here, I was able to see the big picture and for the first time appreciate the horrifying severity of the danger we are in.

At the strong urging of professionals from a domestic violence organization in Hawaii, I packed up what we could fit in our suitcases and we fled to Tallahassee, Florida, my hometown, the birthplace of my daughter, and the home of my entire extended family. In the few short weeks we were there my daughter continued to open up to me about her experiences in Hawaii. Each story solidified my resolve to keep her where she will be safe and well cared for, away from alcoholism, physical harm, and emotional trauma. 

I bought a home in Tallahassee for us, and have a permanent job lined up there waiting for my return, not to mention ample family around us for support and assistance in caring for my daughter. My daughter feels safe there, and is learning to speak openly with a counselor about the traumatic experiences she has had. For the first time since this ordeal began, she is becoming more confident and able to relax.

Currently, I am back in Hawaii in custody mediations. I cannot compromise the safety of my child, so our case is going to trial. My lawyer estimates that, depending on how long the trial lasts, it will cost $10K - $30K in addition to the thousands I have already spent.

If you have something to give that will not burden you, anything helps. $1 helps. It helps just knowing people care. Hawaii is so far away from where we feel safe, and right now we are an expensive trial away from even being able to leave.

I have been advised by my attorney not to have a social media page of my own anymore, so I'm hoping you can help me by sharing this GoFundMe on your own pages and platforms. I don't expect to get anywhere minutely close to my goal unless by some miracle my page goes viral, which I am pretty sure is like winning the lottery, but whatever is raised helps me a great deal. It boosts my spirits and keeps me strong, and it helps my family pay for some of the expenses we have incurred.

All the funds will go to court fees, attorney fees, copying and material fees, plane tickets to get back to Florida after the trial, shipping fees of crucial items for the  job and home, to replace essential tools I was having shipped from Hawaii (that were stolen before I could have them shipped) that I need for my job in Florida, and therapy. If there is additional funding after everything is taken care of, I will donate it to a domestic violence charity organization.

It is not easy for me to put this out there, but one of the many lessons my daughter has taught me is the importance of asking for help when you need it. I ask that donors who know me, my daughter, or anybody relating to my situation, to please refrain from using names in the comments due to the sensitivity of the matter. Thank you for your support.


$1,000 RAISED OF $49,999
My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry this happened. Know you are loved.