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July 30, 2017

"I am super overwhelmed by the response. It's incredible to see the different communities that are coming together from all the different parts of my life and it humbles me to see that so many people care about me enough to share and to pray and to give" Meir O'Brien

Words cannot describe how grateful we are for the feeling of community support that your donations are bringing to my brother. Each hour GoFundMe sends us a list of new donors and my brother is so excited to look at the names and reminisce about their encounters however brief or funny or intense they were. Relieving his mind from his current pain, your involvement is a blessing that reinvigorates his fighting spirit throughout the day.

In two days, we reached our goal of covering Meir's medical flight. In order to get him to stanford we need a private plane, a medical team, and Meir has to be well enough to make the flight. Meir's ability to fly, even on a medical flight, fluctuates daily. Whether he is well enough depends on where in his treatment cycle he is and how he is responding to treatment. Meir is suffering fevers and is not well enough for a 5.5hr medical transfer plus the time of ambulance rides between airports and the plane.

However, Meir's insurance was able to cover yesterday's flight to Honolulu, before we met our fundraising goal and Meir was well enough to do the 30min flight. Although Honolulu is a huge step up from Kauai because it provides chemotherapy treatments, it is still far from familial support. Thanks to all of you we now have the funds to get him from Hawaii to California, the closest State on the Mainland and we will doo so as soon as he is well enough, which will be 5-28 days depending on his response to the chemotherapy.

We are increasing the fundraising goal to defer the financial burden that 3 years, minimum, of treatments and unexpected medical expenses. But even more so for the happiness, love, and gratitude that your support brings to Meir throughout the day.

#ALLforMeir is our campaign hashtag to promote doing all we can to help Meir's 3 year battle against Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma (ALL)



$1,500 RAISED OF $112,000
I wish you a complete and speedy recovery.