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Ernie and I met 6 years ago in a local community choir. We sang together for a little less than year before falling head-over-heels in love. We both pretty much knew from the start that we would end up together. Three years later, we were married in front of our dear friends and family.

A few months after our wedding, I had to have an unexpected surgery for a severe pain I was having. This surgery resulted in what would be a very difficult few years for us, as we were told it was not likely we would get pregnant naturally. I was diagnosed with two separate medical conditions making it very difficult to conceive. As you can imagine, this news was devastating, as I have wanted to be a mother since I was a child, and Ernie was looking forward to being the most amazing father.

We spent the next 3 years doing everything possible: positive thinking, multiple doctor visits, expensive fertility specialists, and painful tests. After much thought, discussion, and heartache we realized that perhaps our child’s birth story didn’t have to include conception. Maybe we were meant for something else. It doesn’t matter how we become parents, or how we are called “mom and dad.” We know that we will love and care for our baby as our very own and we will strive to love him or her more than humanly possible.

So here we are. Now ready to embark on this incredible journey of adoption and we could not be more excited! We dream of the moment we are able to kiss and hold our little boy or girl and call them our very own.

As we prepare, we realize it truly does take a village to raise a child and to begin our journey, and we need your help. 

As you can imagine, there are many steps that have to be taken before we can be matched with a prospective birth mother, and one of the biggest is funding. While we are also applying for grants and loans, we’ve been encouraged by our friends and family to set up this GoFundMe account. What an incredible story we can someday tell our baby that our family was made completely from your support and love. We want to share our journey with you all and every penny helps gets us closer to meeting the newest member of our family.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for allowing us to share our story with you and for considering accepting our invitation to be a part of our journey. We appreciate your support, love and your positive thoughts and prayers.

- Ernie & Nico


$2,250 RAISED OF $25,000
Lots of love - Chris & Kait McCrerey